1. Cards Against Humanity: 2014 Holiday Pack

christmas party games for adults, christmas games for adults


If you’ve ever played the game Cards Against Humanity, my condolences. Or my deepest respect. Because it’s not a game that’s for the faint of heart. It is, though, almost unbelievably funny (most of the time) and a lot of fun (most of the time). Cards Against Humanity describes itself as “a party game for horrible people,” if that gives you any indication of the game’s mojo. This is definitely a Christmas party game for adults and the 2014 Holiday Pack does require that you already have the original Cards Against Humanity game. You can nab that here. Bonus for those of you who believe in transparency in government: Cards Against Humanity donates 100 percent of its profits on the 2014 Holiday Pack to the Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan nonprofit that advocates for open government globally and uses technology to make government more accountable to all. As for the game itself, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

2. Humanity Hates the Holidays Card Game

christmas party games for adults, christmas games for adults

This game is in the same vein as the first entry, but it is not affiliated with Cards Against Humanity. However, they both have similar DNA in those veins. This Christmas party game for adults bills itself as “the holiday card game that Santa did not make.” One reviewer says “My husband and I played this expansion deck with my brothers on Thanksgiving night over a bottle of good whiskey. It was a fantastic night crying from laughter with my family.” Also, this can be used as an expansion pack for the regular Cards Against Humanity game (although, again, Humanity Hates the Holidays is not affiliated with CAH). There’s also a “love edition” of the Humanity Hates the Holidays game here.

3. Santa VS Jesus, The Epic Party Game

christmas party games for adults, christmas games for adults

In keeping with the theme, here’s another Christmas party game for adults. In fact, the Santa VS Jesus people explicitly say “this game is not suitable for children.” In this game, two groups separate into Team Santa and Team Jesus and, then, fight it out with categories like “There’s something about the Virgin Mary” and “Have yourself a merry little quizmas.” You can get a good idea of how this game works by looking at this video:

4. The Christmas Conundrum Murder Mystery Game

christmas party games for adults, christmas games for adults

This one is a six player game, with each person taking a persona that is slightly based on the characters in the Charles Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol. (The characters have names like Jacob Barley, Bob Scratchitt, Tiny Tom, etc.) This game is rated “mature” and is for players 17 years old and up, according to the manufacturer, Red Herring Games. The company’s “mature disclaimer” says the game contains drug themes, sexual and mature relationship themes and that it centers on a murder and that violence is suggested. Sounds like a Christmas party game for adults.

5. Spin-the-Shot

christmas party games for adults, christmas games for adults

This is a very simple Christmas party game for adults: fill the shot glass with the beverage of your choice, spin the red arrow and whomever the arrow lands on has to drink the beverage. V-More Bar Tools, the maker of the game, says this is a game for holidays, and who are we to argue? The shot glass is made of clear glass. The spinner is durable plastic and it has an anti-skid bottom on the heavy base. We’d say “take it easy” with this one but…it’s the holidays!

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